outdoor living room design utica

Creating Outdoor Living Space

The great outdoors is a place we can really enjoy if we only had the required seating and layouts.  For many people, the backyard is seldom used and often neglected.  However, for those looking to create a great living space or a place for entertaining, using outdoor living room design utica assistance can help flesh out the details.

outdoor living room design utica

Design off an element

You want to design off of an element.  What this means is that if you have a deck, pool, pond or just a great area with a view, this is where you want to start your design process.  When you start with this element you can really pull from it in order for it all to match and work together.


You want to determine the size of your outside seating area.  To do this effectively figure out the maximum number of people who will be using the space at one time and add two or three to that number.  When you do this, you can always entertain your standard guests and grab a few extras if they arrive.


The next component you want to determine is your weather.  Will this seating be used all year round, or will you close it up in the winter or other time of the year?  If you are going to use it only in the good months, then rain will typically be your only enemy.  If you are going to use it all year round, then snow and other storms will need to be factored in.

Age of people using it

This is seldom taken into consideration but if you have kids will they be allowed on the furniture?  What about pets?  What about wild animals?  These are all considerations you need to put into place when you know what you want to do.

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