drywall repair kenosha

Fixing Your Drywall

The drywall in our homes is what ties our rooms together.  It is large sheets of paper and boarding that is drilled into the studs of our walls.  Once this is done, we cover up the seams with tape and plaster which when dry is sanded, painted revealing a beautiful wall.

Once the walls are done, we will start to hang items on them.  Typically, we will hang photos, televisions, lighting and other items.  When done correctly the drywall shouldn’t be damaged.  However, in some situations you may have damage from a hole which will need to be repaired.  When this happens, drywall repair kenosha should be done.

Patch the hole

The first thing that we need to do is patch the hole.  This is done by using a piece of drywall tape or board.  In most cases this is a fine fiber mesh that when covers the hole will create solid surface.  You want to start by cutting the mesh one inch larger than the hole in your wall.  This will ensure that you have enough space around the hole for the patch to attach to.

From there you want to add a small amount of drywall compound on the patch.  Once done, carefully align the patch to the hole and press down firmly.  You want to create a close connection with the patch and the wall.

Next, take additional compound and cover the other side of the patch so that it is fully covered.  Smooth out the compound so you have a nice flat surface.  When doing this step take your time and make it as clean and neat as possible.  The better you do this, the less sanding you have to do.

drywall repair kenosha

Once this is done, you will let everything dry.  In many cases the compound that you put on the wall will be tinted pink in color.  If this is the case, when it dries white you know it is done.  Once dry, use sandpaper to smooth out the edges and make it a flat surface. 

When everything is done wipe it down with a damp rag to remove any dust.  Finally go ahead and paint the wall and allow to dry.  Once done your wall will be fixed.