dental x-ray milwaukee

Importance Of Dental X-Rays

X-rays are used by dentists as a tool for diagnosis as well as examining the position of your teeth. They are a vital part of an accurate diagnosis for dentists as they reveal the roots and the bone under your gums. This is why having a regular dental x ray milwaukee is recommended regularly.

In addition to the given elements, dental X-rays are used to examine several other details such as bone and supporting tissue. These X-rays can effectively reveal:

·    Cavities in the teeth

·    The health of bone around the teeth and gums

·    Accurate diagnosis of periodontal diseases

·    Condition of teeth that are developing

·    The health of the roots of the teeth

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of dental X-rays.

1.  Diagnostic tool

As mentioned earlier, dental X-rays can efficiently allow your dentist to view your gums and tooth roots, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. While this factor is important even for regular check-ups, X-rays can reveal isolated and specific dental diseases. This allows your dentist to take immediate action and minimize potential damage to the teeth and gums.

2.  Cavities

The detail provided in dental X-rays allows the dentist to assess the extent of decay caused by a cavity. This gives them the capacity to choose the right procedure to combat the cavity, given the extent of the damage. Cysts and abscesses can be found along with other masses. Dental X-rays can also show congenially impacted teeth, such as the wisdom tooth.

3.  Safety

dental x-ray milwaukee

Although X-rays are synonymous with radiation, the dental radiographs are designed in a way to minimize your radiation exposure. This ensures that the dental process is safe and exposes the patient to a negligible amount of radiation.


Dental X-rays are an essential part of maintaining oral health. They can effectively be used to diagnose diseases and assess the condition of tooth roots and bone. Reviewing these images of your mouth gives your dentist valuable information about your dental health.